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November 2022 TIM Site Statistics

With stripper booties and hay rides, The IMVU Mafias celebrated mafia friendship month. Despite November always brining less activity and lower profits, friendship was on full display for the fall season as Fall Break brought in beautiful faces old and new. Notable events in October included The IMVU Mafias' Friendsgiving Feast (hosted by the Bianchi Family),
in a bin added to our site's emoji, black market software updates, and the addition of the Heavyweight Hung Muscle to our catalog.





IMVU Mafias Holiday Rewards Program

Numbers were a little low this month, which makes family members putting in their best all the more special and important to us.

I am proud to introduce TIM's November 2022 Rising Stars. Rising stars are new members who have shown their loyalty to the TIM Family by consistently logging in and posting. All Rising stars will be rewarded with 2.5k medits and the M.A.N. (Most Active Noob) medal. Congrats rising stars!





Next is a new category of notoriety, the One of Us award, given to mafia members who have successfully blinged out their profiles with mafioso magic. Thank you to those active mafioso who have taken the time to complete their mafia profiles, with avatars and colored names. These members shall receive the coveted One of Us award, and 250 medits.






Next is an individual who has earned the title of Mafioso Of The Month,
for her contributions providing video recordings for our recent events and for assisting us in the planning of the upcoming TIM Christmas party. She shall be rewarded 10k medits and the M.O.M. (Mafioso Of The Month) medal. Congrats NEKALION!


Keep logging in, posting, and attending events! We'll be doing this again next month. And watch our discord servers for many more upcoming parties and events, including TIM's Nightmare Before Christmas Stripper Party on Dec 10th, and Kinky Movie Night on Dec 16th.
Posted 1 year ago
OH Wow Thank You! None of this would have been possible without
@Don Von Alpha Dom
, Our sexy and fearless leader!

Also condolences to
! I love you guys! Bad Jab mic drops
Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago
:please: I won something! Ermagawd Thank you lol I won something for being my dorky self, who woulda guessed it :awesome41:
@Don Von Alpha Dom

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